Getting Started with Freestyle Skydiving
Curious about how to start out with freestyle if you've never tried it before? Here's one way to enter the freestyle world and learn the first steps.

(Originally published in Parachutist magazine and the Square One gear catalog.)

Knee Flying
Why would you ever want to zoom around the sky while "kneeling" on the air? Here's the reason why, and the way to really get your knees in the breeze!

(Originally published in Parachutist, Blue Sky, Paramag, Spazio Verticale and Frittfall magazines.)

Fun Flying!
How to put more laughs into your skydives with some zany antics you can do at any level of experience!

(Originally published in Parachutist, Blue Sky, Paramag, Fallschirm, Spazio Verticale, Fritt Fall, Air Press and Sport Parachutist magazines.)

The Art and Technique of Freestyle Skydiving (PDF File for downloading)
For beginner and advanced freestylists alike, here is a detailed guide to learning and progressing in freestyle skydiving. It includes tips for working with a camera flyer, planning and reveiwing your skydives, suggested moves to learn at different levels, procedures for inventing new moves, and of course, much more!

Click here to download the PDF document (190k)